Stowford’s and office chairs

As the group of us in the Silent Eye have drunk many a pint of Stowfords cider, I couldn’t resist reblogging this from Sue Vincent.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

stowford's cider

I’ve still got two Stowford’s just sat in the fridge,
And I know that you’re thinking that that’s sacrilege
But I seldom drink alcohol when I’m alone
And as Ani’s teetotal, I’m all on my own.

I’ll save them, I thought, for a nice sunny day
When the garden gets done, or I’ve been out to play
Taking Ani out into the fields for a run…
I’ll be hot and bothered, and then I’ll have one.

But of course I forget, as I am quite unused
And the habit of such luxury is reduced –
To have Stowford’s at home, well that’s really quite new,
So you’d think I’d be up for imbibing a few.

As a gift, I must say, that their welcome was sure
And the knowledge I do not have weeks to endure
Before getting a pint of that cool, golden liquor…!
I could not have accepted…

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sue Vincent says:

    I’m not sure I approve of sharing Stowford’s 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. stevetanham says:

      Well two halves, then! x


      1. Sue Vincent says:

        Sounds more like it 🙂


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