Dear Wen XXXII

Stuart – Arch ‘historicon’ and subtly deceptive plotter, continues his preparations for next April’s Silent Eye workshop, Leaf and Flame (

Stuart France

stewkley, chalfont 0861

Dear Wen…

What are they afraid of us finding…apart from a Jester Decapitating John the Baptist, I should say.

Our First raid as I recall… Happy day… I mean, those were the days eh?

As the Patron Saint of the Green-Wood and outcasts I can perhaps see why Gawain may have prayed to him…

I hope Ben is paying attention and taking some notes… boy, is he going to need them.

Bakewell Imbolc 001 (131)
Living on Hind’s milk is an interesting diet, a little like living on Wild Honey and Locusts, perhaps…

Four Oaks and a hollow rock… Mmmm

Again, I think our take on all this is spot on. You’d have thought though that there would be a whole host of depictions of that particular image?

Chalfont St Giles (29)

In the poem there’s also a comparison between the Green-Man’s spouse and a Hag which makes me think that our marriage of the two stories is…

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