The Bump Stone

Another great set of photos from smackedpentax.

Walking with a Smacked Pentax

One of the great thing about exploring the moors is that you never know what you will find. I know the moors pretty well – having walked and explored them for nearly half a century. And now I am taking my two grandsons Mackenzie and Finley (who are now 7 and 5) and they are starting to make their own discoveries.

The Bump Stone The Bump Stone

The moors are covered in strange rock carvings – there are hundreds of them scattered about – most are hidden in the deep heather, but some are in plain view. And most of the carvings are only visible when the light is right – wet or low sun. Some are almost impossible to see in broad daylight.

The views across Addingham from the Bump Stone. The views towards Skipton from the Bump Stone.

No one knows what they mean or who carved them, but most experts agree that they are about 5 – 7 thousand years…

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