Dear Wen XLIV

Stuart France

heather 2015 derbyshire, higger tor, beeley circle, edensor, bak 046Dear Wen…

Yes, an eminently enjoyable weekend, it was good to rediscover an old friend. The sleepy energy of Beeley Warren Circle is a balm to the soul as the numerous Bees we encountered should attest. The silly thing is that there was more bracken and higher this time and we still managed to find it. I shall put that down to both faith and better research, the book actually mentions the circle being between two rafts of bracken which to mind is curious. The book is over thirty years old. One would have expected the bracken to have made inroads during that time. Either the circle is exerting some kind of effect on the surrounding vegetation which we have long suspected, or the moor is a lot older than initially supposed. Both eventualities are possible.

The Lost Stone though was a disappointment. I am not sure which of the…

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