Names Matter III…

Stuart takes us deeper into the verbal labyrinth…

Stuart France

cenotaph 022

‘…the substantive verb ‘to be’ is made up of the relics of several verbs which once had a distinct physical significance. ‘Be’ contained the idea of growing; ‘am, art, is and are’, the idea of sitting; ‘was and were’ that of dwelling or abiding…’
Edward Clodd

…“Howsiver is a shiver…”
“But is it a head or is it a hide that causes the shiver?”
“Either way ‘our gal’ will be hard pushed to survive this one.”…

…Well, she were that frightened. She’d allus been such a gatless mawther, that she didn’t se much as know how to spin, an’ what were she to dew tomorrer, with no one to come nigh her to help. She sat down on a stool in the kitchen, and lork! How she did cry! …

…“Is ‘gatless’ gormless or gut less I wonder?”
“Could be it’s neither and has got something to do with gathering.”

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