Dear Wen XLIX

Stuart France

sheffield book weekend 159Dear Wen…

Amra Columcille is the thread and rather fittingly it will allow us to bring in some of the Minahane stuff.

That makes me very happy.

Curious, isn’t it how true genius is never recognised in its time largely, perhaps because the establishment by its very nature has neither the desire nor the scope to dream…

I noticed that the murals from Helmsley didn’t quite make it into But ‘n’ Ben… maybe they were never meant to…

Nick Birds SE Ilkley 2015 uffington avebury cropton Helmsley 046I already have a number of possible ways into the story of Bean Sidhe, none of them orthodox all of them utterly unacceptable on so many levels…

We may have to do a little more planning than usual for this trip though.

It might not be quite so easy to rock up on spec and get a couple of beds in what is after all now a foreign country not that it…

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