I’m off to Mystics Anonymous, call you later



Here I am preparing for another journey into the unknown, taking a moment of rest to replenish the soul. I suspect my last foray into the heart of the Collective Unconscious was either mere illusion or a glimpse into a world behind a world. Talking in riddles again. It helps keep the mind agile, or so I like think!

Let me ask you a question, please humour me, there is a point to this. Have you ever had random encounters with strangers which have left you feeling the Universe is rather like a Russian doll? One hidden inside another, another and another, retreating into infinity. One such encounter occurred a few days ago. I was attending a course at work with other colleagues across our business, nothing unusual about either the course content or attendees. Until I was paired with one of the course facilitators in a communication exercise, the…

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