Imbolc with Mister Fox

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

imbolc fox weekend 238

The Silver Fox banished the night-dark wings of Crow and called forth flame from the night. Holding aloft the staff one final time, the fire leaped magically to light the banner…

imbolc fox weekend 296

The crowd came closer, seeking the light and warmth of the braziers, called by the music…and strangely garbed… And behind them, the victorious Giant… the Green Man…

imbolc fox weekend 333

As the flames grew, we saw that another of his kind held the banner…and in the shadows the Foxes prowled, waiting their chance to regain their place…

imbolc fox weekend 304

…for here, the snow-faced dogs of winter still held sway. But not for long… the drums and pipes called to the Foxes…

imbolc fox weekend 271

…and the battle was joined, red and white, as the flames leaped and the rain fell… But the Green Man looked on… his was the victory this night.

imbolc fox weekend 356

The drums marked their footsteps and every blow and feint… a deep heartbeat, the cadence…

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  1. Sue Vincent says:

    Thanks for sharing. Steve 🙂


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