The dishwashing debate

Some lovely and pithy humour from Sue…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

'It cooks great, but it won't fit in the dishwasher.'

I loaded up his dishwasher… it isn’t mine, you see,

But every Friday morning piles of dishes wait for me.

The night before sees lads at play, and men who like to dine

The dishes are all theirs, of course, the haute cuisine was mine.


I never had a dishwasher, I never had the space…

I just had hordes of teenage gannets mulling round the place.

No matter what I cooked or baked, it went at lightning speed,

I never really knew how many mouths I’d have to feed.


Right from the start their friends would come and knock upon the door,

It started with just one or two, but soon came many more.

They’d smile up, looking hopeful, saying, “Missus, have you baked?”

I’d let them in and feed them, then they’d run off duly caked.


But then they grew, instead of looking up they now…

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