‘Hela’r Dryw’ and Mr.Fox : Granny Speaks. Foliate Man Part Six

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!


After six ‘steps’ (posts), I have reached the top of my Silent Eye ‘Leaf and Flame:TheFoliate Man’  stairway. This sixth post marks the start of a new ‘floor’…

Happy ever after, is it, Cariad? Oh, we’d all like to think so, wouldn’t we? The tales we hear at our mother’s knee have that as their ending, after all: Princesses and princes, saved by heroic quest, or love, or both, ushered into a book-ending boudoir of joy, those words ‘The End’ sparkling with the glitter of ‘No more problems…’

I could see my girl’s longings and desires, could almost feel the tremble of tears when she heard the first strains of ‘Hela’r Dryw’ and the familiar words of the Cymraeg soothed her with her childhood language: Ah, the little wren and its annual slaughter, hunted for ritual purposes and for a higher theme. Ah! The sweetness of that music!

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  1. alienorajt says:

    Thanks very much for reblogging, Steve. xxx


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