Leaf and Flame – Laughter on the dance floor

That poignant moment when a year’s worth of effort comes to a graceful end… In the Outer, at least.

The Silent Eye

barbs (1)pPhoto by Barbara Walsh

The Sunday morning guided meditation took the Companions back to the place where they had begun to seek answers to their own riddles. To begin the day in silent communion with a sense of something vast and sacred is no bad way to start the day.

Some of us had been out to greet the dawn privately, in spite of a late and convivial evening with incognito Foxes in the Queen Anne next door. That too is a communion with something greater than we… though for some of us, it was the deep breath before plunging back into the fray and preparing the Temple for a very special moment.

Once a year we reaffirm the bond and dedication of the triad who serve the School with a ritual. This year, three others were also the focus of an affirmation and celebration of the journey they have…

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