The Celebration of Mister Fox: bestial cluster…

Stuart France

HM15 350

Bear and Wolf and Dog and Fox are all closely related.

HM15 444

It is tempting to imagine a common ancestor; bigger than Wolf but smaller than Bear.

HM15 385

But the official line has something much less rapacious originally slink down from the trees.

HM15 409

To replace what? The Dinosaurs whose more agile Brethren had taken to the air.

HM15 375

I wonder what Linnaeus would make of the Mister Fox procession, as it snakes its way through the alleys and walkways of the Saturday night revelers, inviting all in its wake.

HM15 354

“We saw Foxes!” says my companion.

HM15 359

Well, yes and no…

HM15 392

We saw something less and something more than Foxes…

HM15 393

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