Music Lady and Shrieking Deer

A very thoughtful piece from Ali

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

Sometimes a buddy can come in the form of a person met only briefly…

The inchoate weeping continued for most of yesterday, and has resumed (to a lesser extent) today. I am letting my body do what it needs to release some of the huge build-up of tension and fear. Cathartic, if painful.

This morning dawned the golden-white brightness of forge-heated gold, a metallic sheen which seemed to slide off houses and trees and pool in the centre of lawns. My body was that weird combination of poker-stiff and trembling which betokens high nervous tension. I needed to be out.

Velvet Bottom was calling strongly. Jumble struggled to get into the boot and, in giving him a hand, I felt something give in my lumber area (a vulnerable spot since I wrenched it push-starting my Puch 50 way back in 1979). But, I was not going to let that…

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  1. alienorajt says:

    Thank you very much, Steve. xxx


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