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Beware, Britain, thus vision of healthcare could be just around the corner…

Behind the White Coat

black and white water wheel grist mill

Sometimes I get writers block.

Something so big, so upsetting happens and it is all I can think about for days or weeks. Everything else is crowded out of my brain until I find the right words to talk about it and get it off of my chest.

This is now.

First, you need to know that the hospital system that I work for requires all employees who use the system’s insurance to only see providers inside that system.

Last week employees of the system received a postcard or email telling them that the system was encouraging everyone to start using evisits for certain things like sinus infections, bladder infections, pink eye, allergies, etc.

This is upsetting enough, because to be honest a lot of these things can be treated (for free) by phone and don’t require the cost of an evisit. I treat a ton of stuff by phone…

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