Children playing with matches

Deep breath…

Shamanic Paths

New government announced... Not so cute now…

I leave you alone for a week, and what happens? It was all very well allowing the children to shake the box… such a nice rattle noise to keep them amused for a while, and all… but who on earth thought it was a good idea to open it for them? These three, overgrown toddlers really should not be allowed outside, never mind handing them matches…

I’ve kept a low profile. Having been through the whole Scottish independence debacle, the (almost) immediate switch to UK independence was WAY too much to bear. I have friends on both sides. Some things are not worth losing friends over. The machinations of an overfed elite, as they trip over each other to manipulate a system designed to ensure that they always win, being one of them…

To say that the result is disappointing, would be an understatement matched…

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