Annus Tumulus – Tomb of the Year…

Stuart France

HM15 691

Well almost…quite loosely speaking.

Very loosely speaking.

And no, it’s not a new quiz show. And nor are there any prizes. A tumulus is an artificial mound.

And a natural mound is what?

One that isn’t man made.

Has it anything to do with tummies?

Possibly… Not.


Six tombs in one week isn’t half bad though…

We’ll  be getting a reputation for morbidity.

And on the seventh day…

HM15 698

On that day once, somebody quite famous said that if the ruins of Ancient Greece weren’t ruined no one would pay them much heed…

The notion of being ‘quite famous’ tickles me. It’s like bragging about having once seen the Pope in order to prove your spirituality.

 …I sometimes feel exactly the same about our tombs.

A lot depends on whether or not they’ve been opened…

Ah, but the Gates of Pluto must never be unlocked, Little Grub.

Why ever not?

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