Rummaging in the fridge of life

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“It is just space,” he nodded his head towards the now empty shelf. “It is not,” said my son, “a bad analogy … the Fridge of Life.” He didn’t elaborate, but after a few moments thought, I had to agree… though it takes a particularly warped mind to see an analogy for life in his fridge. Life, you might quite possibly find… which is why we were cleaning it, but analogies don’t usually figure on his shopping list.

This is a man’s fridge…a man who eats well. Many things are bought, but few are chosen…or at least not enough, and not entirely or not before their ‘use by’ date has used itself up. My personal fridge is more of a Mother Hubbard affair. It usually has eggs and milk, with the occasional bit of salad. I buy what I will eat that day or the next and the leftovers…

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  1. Sue Vincent says:

    Thanks, Steve x


  2. Thanks for your interesting example!


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