Green grow the rushes O II…

Here be dragons…

Stuart France


…meanwhile, somewhere in the Field of Sheaves, elaborate plans were being laid for St George’s Day…

“We don’t do the serpent power in the West do we?”

“Don’t we?”

“We have the serpent in the Garden of Eden which Moses eventually manages, by an act of magic, to raise up in the desert which is specifically linked in the tradition to the Christ force and his sojourn on the cross…”

“…We have Dragons which are really fiery serpents in the landscape and which coil their spiny tails around practically  every and any hill of note wherever in the country you care to look.”

“We don’t advertise our allegiances with these energies in the same way as those in the East perhaps because we revere their powers and would not want people to dabble in them alone.”

“The truth is, you are never alone, not really, and one need only ask…

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