Song of the Stones VIII…

Stuart France


HM15 890*

Now every fifth year in the land of Erinn games, between the provinces of Meath and Connacht, were held.

One year, a contestant known as Mac Duff brought with him to those games, his two fine sons.

Both mighty champions in their own right were they with each a troop of men.

One of the twain, Rinn by name, placed himself under the protection of Mider of Bray Lethe; speckled horses for his troop, and green cloaks with silver brooches, and shoes with clasps of red bronze, and on everyone of them a collar of gold with a gem worth a newly calved cow set in it.

The other brother, Faber, placed himself under arms for Buan of  Connor Hill; black horses with bridle bits of gold for his troop, and grey-blue cloaks with a gold brooch at the breast of each, and a white tunic with crimson…

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