A different start to December?


With the very successful Circles of Time workshop just behind us, we’d like to announce the next in our quarterly events:

“Of Ash and Seed”; The Silent Eye’s Winter pre-solstice weekend.  To be held on the Isle of Anglesey,  Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th December, 2016.

The Silent Eye is a modern School of Consciousness, but we embrace spirituality where we encounter it – and honour many traditions, as we examine and emphasise the commonality; rather than the differences, of the various paths to the spirit that the mind and heart of mankind has discovered and refined in the course of human history.

Our workshops make good use of the landscapes in which they are based. For the December, 2016 pre-Solstice weekend, “Of Ash and Seed”, we will be based on the Isle of Anglesey, off the North-West corner of Wales, where we will experientially consider how the priests of this beautiful last sanctuary of the Druids faced up to the imminent arrival of a Roman army sent to destroy them…

Anglesey screen grab for WordPress

You can download the full one-page brochure with the link below.

Anglesey OnePagerAAA

Such weekends are a great chance to renew old friendships; and to make new ones, in a very informal setting. The emphasis is on walking, talking, opening to the landscape, and some mystical experiencing! As well as the fresh air, there’s also time for the odd coffee, a nice cake or two, and some good food and wine. It’s also a lovely month in the year to be tucked up in a small, warm, hotel, sharing the approach of the symbolic darkness of the pre-Christmas period, and finding a more lasting light within, as we explore the real symbolism of the cycle that sees the light of nature at its lowest point and the process of seed at its most potent…

Come and join us! To begin, just send us an email registering your interest to: rivingtide@gmail.com

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6 thoughts on “A different start to December?

  1. Good morning,not knowing how much an area we covering if targets not on your email ect , could this be put on DB? Suppose we don’t really want too many ,just a thought ,getting over enthusiastic ,. So adding to your workload,Sheila day ect ,you can do it 🐯👍,much love Barbs xxx

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