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silbury (9)

The lunatic fringe, or at least this diminutive portion of it, is feeling quite pleased with itself tonight. For a goodly while Stuart and I have been banging on about the possibility of motte and bailey castles being something other…and older… than the Norman constructions they are generally dismissed as being.

Our idea was based solely on looking at the landscape and basic human nature. We know that  prehistoric man built mounds. You cannot, for example, miss Silbury Hill or dismiss Maiden Castle. We know they built barrows… small mounds for burials…and shifted huge quantities of earth to create the ditches and embankments we know as henges. Where ever we have found a ‘motte and bailey’ in close proximity to prehistoric sites, we have had to wonder whether the incoming invaders had not simply made use of what was already there.

Maiden Castle (112)

Why waste time and labour to build what already…

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