Meeting by moonlight…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


It was already pitch black when we arrived. The full moon sailed high behind the clouds, silvering their edges, yet hiding its face. We were armed, the four of us, ready for the assault and could hear the distant murmur of the crowd  that was already gathering. It had been a long day and would be a long night. There had been stone circles, sacred hills and copious sheepage… but now we had work to do.

“Should we call on them, do you think?” I nodded towards the mellow stones hidden within a grove of trees. Vague and shadowy forms moved stealthily in the night. Few are privy to the whereabouts of this secret location, but we had been granted access long ago.

“They’ll be too busy…” He was probably right. Their preparations are long and arduous and the night of this particular moon is the defining point of their…

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