The Unseen Sea – 15: Tall Child of Envy

The Silent Eye


Part Fifteen of The Unseen Sea

The fish that crawled out of the sea was ancient by the time LUCA, the EarthLife, came down from the trees, and, much later, began eating flesh that was no longer raw, but cooked on the magic of fire–a gift from the sky.

Within the tribe, the eyes marked for change watched and became conscious of… others.

As vivid as the original creation of the separated life, back in the beginning, where only the dark eyes could now reach it, the standing creature with two arms and two legs rose in the circle of the hunt’s celebration flames and realised that they were others; that they were as it was, but that there was something in him that they didn’t have – the me.

The me watched them as they watched him separate – his actions now guided by something different than the…

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