Journal of the far side: 6 – Dreamtime

“Mama Mala, there is man missing – a tourist. He was last seen with you!”

“Yes, child, I know… the man who asked…”

Sigh…”Asked, Mama? What did he ask? How did he ask?” 

“Water flows between the meeting places, child. He asked to see the waters flowing…”

“But he is not of the Anangu people, Mama Mala, he would not understand the ways…”

“He has a kind heart, child. Those with a kind heart can be taught. Our Elders spoke of this in the days when Uluru was young.”

“How do you know he has a kind heart, Mama Mala?”

“In the place where I paint the things of Dreamtime, and watch the world, he did not stand over me, as many do; he joined me on the floor and asked to watch.”

“What did you do with him, Mama Mala?”

“I took him to the teaching cave and showed him the hidden things.”

“The hidden things, Mama Mala! But the minds of the pale people cannot digest the hidden things!”

“Hush, child. He did well…”

“He is not ill, frightened?”

“No, child. He was well guided – through the field of light.”

“He sleeps?”

“No, child… he dreams…”

“Will he be found, soon?”

“He will be found when he wants to be found…”

©Copyright Stephen Tanham 2017. 


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