A Far-Flown Arrow…

Stuart France


“Where did she go?”

“I dunno.”

Poor  Fran and Cor, in this day and age people are not supposed to disappear, or at least, not like that.

They still do though. Despite their understandable confusion.

Over a thousand people daily step from the trammels of their well traversed trajectories never to be seen or heard of again.

Fran and Cor, together, ran to the spot of Min’s disappearance and gazed down at the ground in silent disbelief.

There, tugged by the air, but steadfastly refusing to go anywhere, unlike Min, was her Guided Walk Itinerary.

Fran sank to to her knees and was about to pick it up.

“Leave it,” said Cor, “let it serve as a marker.”

“A marker for what? No one will ever believe us. They’ll think we killed her.”

“I know, but I have an idea.”

“It had better be good…”

“An arrow far flown,”…

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