Field of Sheaves…

Stuart France


…I have a bad feeling about this place.

But Wen insists, and when Wen insists… not even graphic descriptions of the steepness of the hill itself could deflect her… so here we are… half way up the climb… resting on a convenient wall and even from this point the view is impressive…

I have been up here before and while that is useful because I can sort of remember where to go it is also a part of what is worrying me so much. I have completely blanked the previous trip from my memory, although thin shards of it are now beginning to filter back into my mind, none of it is particularly encouraging, but then it was a long time ago and maybe things have improved since then… Unfortunately I am not terribly good at convincing myself…

When Wen insists…

Thankfully the common ground opens up sooner than…

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