The Feathered Seer – The observer

The Silent Eye

”The spirit is so closely linked to the body as a thing

that the body never ceases to be haunted.’

Georges Bataille

We had chosen five of the ancient and sacred sites of the local landscape as inspiration and setting for the story of the Feathered Seer. Unlike the Circles Beyond Time workshop, we could not take our Companions out into the landscape for the rituals. Instead we chose to bring the landscape symbolically within the sacred space created and hallowed by the intent of the Companions. Even so, the village once more saw strangely garbed figures wandering its fields in the pre-dawn light.

It is a measure of the trust we have in each other that we can ask the company to rise before dawn, donning robes and cloaks, to walk though the village streets to the hillside, there to enact whatever ritual we have devised with which to…

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  1. Sue Vincent says:

    Thanks, Steve. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday x

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    1. stevetanham says:

      Enjoying the Mexican sun, but poor Bernie bitten badly by mozzies! x


      1. Sue Vincent says:

        Oh dear, she has my sympathies on that one! x

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        1. stevetanham says:

          Nasty things! x


          1. Sue Vincent says:

            I still haven’t worked out their reason for existing, though I know there must be one 😉

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