Teaching From the High Wire

It's Not Easy to Have Faith

My students are complex, to say the least. Every now and then I am caught off guard by how complex they high wirereally are in terms of lived experiences and psychology. Yesterday I had a moment where my spirit said to me, “ease off, and for clarification, ease way off.”

As I watched a student struggle during a presentation, I knew that easing off, so to speak, in an effort to make the moment less stressful could make or break the student. I’ve seen presentation struggles many times before, but yesterday something said to me, “don’t lead with friendly teacher today; rather, today you should lead with friend who teaches.”

That one is always a hard call for me. I want my students to be successful, so I know that a high standard is important. In general, I believe that people try to live up to what is expected of them…

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The hallowed ‘een

The in-between

The edge of life

And death unseen

©Stephen Tanham

Image from a shop in Kirkby Lonsdale.