The Magical Enneagram


The enneagram is a mysterious figure brought to the West by G.I. Gurdjieff, the creator of what became known as ‘the Fourth Way’ system of spiritual development, in the early years of the last century. Since then, its use has been extended to show a dynamic and practical mapping to the way the human personality matures in reaction to the world in which it finds itself.

Many systems of personal development which use the enneagram are focussed on what we might call ‘polishing the personality’. To those at the Silent Eye School, this is a far lesser goal than that of learning about our internal spiritual makeup – and why we find repeating patterns of events occurring in our lives, despite our best and most sincere efforts. Within the Silent Eye, the personality (or ego to give it its formal name) is a sense of identity, of self, which has grown up through reaction. To get to a place within ourselves which is deep enough to touch the spiritual, we need to get beyond the realm of reaction – and the enneagram provides us with the perfect clues to our return journey.

Used in this way, the elements of each person’s own enneagram show the signposts for the journey back into true knowledge of why we are how we are; and how to use this awareness to begin a new phase of our life – one powerfully oriented on the inner, universal, truths represented by the deepest layers of this wonderful symbol.

The words ‘magical’ and ‘enneagram’ don’t often go together. Within the Silent Eye method, they blend perfectly.


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